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Glass slide

Posted by websitesarelovely on Sunday, 12 May 2013

This is one of my favourite things that I have purchased at my regular car boot sale, it's an image that I would love to know more about. It took me a while to figure out what the workmen were doing in the photo, but they are laying out the bricks on to wooden letter templates, so that when they build the wall up, they will have signage bricked into the facade of the building.

The example above is a much smaller scale, but I am struggling to find any images similar - most of the photographs I can find have the lettering painted on to the building, rather than bricked into the wall.

If anyone can help identify this building, I would be really grateful, I have been searching the internet for images to verify where this - but with no luck so far. I am guessing that the sign says 'Crown' or 'Brown' and that it is from somewhere in the Manchester area, as this is where I bought the slide, but it could be from anywhere in the North of England, or even ANYWHERE.

I have searched for "Crown signage", "Crown mill" "Crown factory" "Brick lettering", "Brick signage" and all other combinations of those terms with "Brown", "Manchester", "UK" etc... but with few positive results. One of the most promising ones was discovering that Affleck's Palace in Manchester was originally home to Affleck & Brown Ltd - Drapers and Home Furnishers, but there is no photographic evidence that this sign was there.

A friend of mine has answered the question straight away, Marisol you are amazing! It's the Rowntree's Cocoa Factory in York - the image I have is identical to the one shown on the Hello Yorkshire site. I am going to have to pay it a visit and see if I can match up the photograph somehow!


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