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Asahi Pentax Auto 110 and Lomography Orca

Posted by websitesarelovely on Sunday, 7 October 2012

Over Summer I tried out the tiny Asahi Pentax Auto 110, using the new Lomography Orca (Black & White) film. I took it out in the Peak District and over to Croatia, so lighting shouldn't have been a problem. The results weren't what I was expecting - I thought they would come out with much crisper images, better contrast and richer all around, but they came back really grainy and quite ghostly.

At the same time as getting these processed, I also got some 110 films developed that I had found in the attic at my parents house. One film was 23 years old, and the other was closer to 26 years old - both of which gave me similar results to the new Lomography film!

I am not disappointed, but it's difficult to trace where the problem has arisen - whether it's the film, camera or the photographer. If anyone else has had similar results with the Orca film, then please let me know - I would love to see your photographs.


Daily Aviator said...

Hi Neil. I looked at your scans again and I really like what I see. I think if one wants more contrast and crisper edges, there is the Kodak Tmax film, which is 35mm of course. Try to see it from this side: where else do you get a film that produces authentically old school images like this one did in combination with the Pentax? My favorites are the boat, the portrait and the rock. The harbor is also pretty cool, though not 100% authentic due to the girls in it.

When I shoot portraits, I try to have them timeless, no modern accessories (watches, phones etc) in the photograph that may lead to the conclusion when they where taken. The only thing that refers to the era when I took the portraits is maybe the haircut of the model.

I was so eager to test the Pentax myself that I bought one on eBay. The Pentax 110 Super, which is an optimized version with better viewfinder, timer, one-cock lever etc, plus 4 lenses: 18mm, 28mm, 50mm, 70mm and flash. I hope to shoot some fine portraits with the 70mm lens. And I want them to be grey-in-in grey, no 100% white and no 100% black in it, so I guess the Orca will do it.

I also have one color film, 10 or 15 years old, stored in the fridge. I wonder what you mean by writing your 26 year old film came out the same way the Orca did? Did you get photographs or sludge like the one picture of the Beirette?


websitesarelovely said...

Hi Daniel,

I have grown to love these photos too - in the same way that you comment, they seem to be more authentic as analogue photographs, not bound by modern megapixels or subject matter.

I am glad you bought one to try it out, I didn't get the same lens kit with mine, only the 24mm - which works well for portraits and landscapes.

The 'other' films that I had processed were 26 years old, and they came out in a similar way - grainy, but with that vintage feel (because they were!). I might post a few here on the blog.

cheers Neil

Michael Ireland said...

Hello Daniel & Neil, I enjoyed seeing the images and reading your comments on using the Pentax 110.It was very strange because I had just been loading a film [2001 dated]& new batteries into 1 of my 110's ready for a trip to Croatia. From using 110 cameras I think they are suited to small subjects, like flowers and insects. But I will try the camera in Rijeka in June and post on here if anyone is still interested in 110 photography.

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