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Posted by websitesarelovely on Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Back at the beginning of Summer, I started a project called 'jetpackage'. I was sat in my office one day and I was severely lacking in inspiration, so I looked around me at all the objects I have collected over the years and it got me thinking about how I am inspired. My office is full of collectable items that I have gleaned from car boot sales, flea markets and charity shops, whenever I am feeling uninspired I look at them and it spurs me on.

So I thought "What if a package came through the post, containing these things?" - what would they inspire me to create.
I have got a LONG list of designers, illustrators, artists, creatives that I would like to work with, and who inspire me with my work, so I decided to see how they would react to one of these packages.

I designed an email, sent them out into the universe to see what would come back.
The concept was simple:
1. I send a package of inspirational things.
2. The recipient gets inspired, creates something and sends it back to me.
3. I get inspired by their package, and design a poster to send back to them.

So far I have got the likes of these awesome people involved:
Mr Bingo
Ben Javens
Ross Phillips
Hilda Grahnat
Mark Howe
Matt Roeser
Oliver Jeffers
Mei-Lin Rawlinson
Melanie Jane Hamlet

Once I have got all the replies and sent mine, I will be recruiting for phase II, so if you are interested in the project, please do get in touch.

**Replies from top to bottom: Ben Javens, Rexbox, Hilda Grahnat and Ross Phillips


Jessica May said...

I would totally love to get involved if possible!

Woosang said...

A great idea.

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