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Digital TV + Bad Weather = Digital Collage

Posted by websitesarelovely on Tuesday, 10 March 2009

TV Glitch
TV Glitch
TV Glitch
The bad weather last night made our TV signal weak, creating these strange digital collages of the programmes. (And no I wasn't watching Jack Osbourne : Celebrity Adrenalin Junkies, I was just flicking through the channels)


Anonymous said...

Not only will a few clouds distort the digital signal,but solar flares during the months of july and august can wipe out a digital braodcast public signal. Analog should be mandantory along with dtv signals especially down south where tornadoes are killer anymore.
This mandantory federal law on forced conversion to dtv may well cost the lives of people let alone a pretty crappy product for a just a cloud or two that distorts and basically jams home reception....dont be a victim of the nanny government.

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